A team of experts are involved in the development of the Your Body Type concept. This includes a medical team, food experts, coaches and highly qualified engineers that developed the patented device for Induced Meditation.  








Mrs. Isabelle Mercuri

Food therapist

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Mrs. Isabelle Mercuri:
Born and educated in France, I grew up learning the art of French cuisine. But, in adulthood things changed. I became a traveller, following my loved ones to the corners of civilisation. I spent decades between the bushes of Congo and poor villages in India and experienced the revolutionary period in Algeria, all the time learning from local resourcefulness how to prepare a nourishing meal from next to nothing. This often in dire circumstances, without running water, electricity or a refrigerator in the kitchen, I was crippled at first. My life was very different from the one I had enjoyed in France. Yet, I discovered hidden advantages. Without a fridge, there was no way to keep leftovers for the next day. So, food was always fresh and made using local, seasonal, raw ingredients. There was no canned food, nor ready-meals or frozen section. In accordance with the seasons, food was sometimes scarce and at other times plentiful. We learned to take nothing for granted. The lessons I learned during those years are now part of my wealth and I’m eager to share them in this book.

I came to understand that counting calories is useless, as the body decides what will be used and what will be discarded during digestion. How few calories natural food contains compared to refined sugars and highly processes food. How important meals are for feeding the soul with happiness and reviving the senses with colourful, natural tastes. That food cooked with love leaves no room for guilty feelings. That each of us eat according to our individual constitution at that particular moment. I learnt from experience that the effects of healthy food take three months to manifest in the body. So, I also learnt patience. On the emotional level food provides peace and comfort. Excesses should be avoided, but we can indulge some wine or chocolate regularly without ill effect. Finally, there are benefits to sharing food; the feeling of love is the hidden bonus of a shared table.

Mrs. Justyna Moczydlowska








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Mrs. Justyna Moczydlowska

I studied Food Process Engineering at Warsaw University of Life Science, in Poland. I gained fantastic and useful knowledge in the science of food processing. Today I know exactly what food processing is, how it is done and how it affects our health. I became a nutritionist with passion for food, but not with passion for diets, since I don’t like the word diet nor the idea of diet in itself. For quit some time I have been on several diets with various (side)effects. I was tired, frustrated and sad. My daily schedule was dominated by the strict quantities of protein, carbohydrates and fats I had to take. Never again! Food is a substance meant to connect people and discover new cultures. Food is pure pleasure, while a diet is a regimen.

Social media and professional models promote perfect looks, while in the world we live in low grade food is making us sick, tired and overweight. Pseudo healthy lifestyle figures are not helping us to understand and accept ourselves, but rather destroy our self-esteem and ignites the need for an unattainable goal.

My name is Justyna an I’m specialized in helping you improve your health, condition and overall wellbeing through mindful eating that nourishes and balances your body and mind. My coaching is not directed towards a quick fix or a temporary solution, but rather to design your personal journey for life