As a team of health professionals we care for natural solution to our everyday wellbeing. With our modern way of life we create imbalances either by ignoring the specific needs of our body type, or by deliberately digging far beyond our natural resources leading to depletion. This results in multiple life-threatening diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart failure, depression and cancer.








Dr. Ilan Karavani
Mrs. Isabelle Mercuri

Dr. Ilan Karavani
As a “beauty and anti-ageing” specialist, I was convinced our health affected our appearance too. I first had occasion to visit India in 2004, mainly to study naturopathy in Pune, the biggest university hub for Ayurveda. Since my first visit I have returned yearly to India for a month of training in Naturopathy as well as to undergo an “Ayurvedic Panchakarma”, a natural way of body cleansing, while trying to understand nature’s way of healing.

India is a perfect example of what happens as we adopt a modern way of life. It was preserved from Western lifestyle habits for thousands of years until way after it regained independence in 1947. However, the current generation of Indian population, mainly in the big cities, has adopted the Western lifestyle and its processed food with devastating consequences such as a steep increase in many lifestyle diseases in the last decade, just like in the USA or Europe. 

We all need get back our natural tools to fight against those lifestyle diseases. They are a physical and mental burden to us and a financial burden to our society. How did we get so alienated from nature? How do we re-incorporate food into our medicine, and medicine into our food? Why is a permanent state of stress so harmful to our body? All these questions will be addressed in the book Your Body Type.

Mrs. Isabelle Mercuri:
Born and educated in France, I grew up learning the art of French cuisine. But, in adulthood things changed. I became a traveller, following my loved ones to the corners of civilisation. I spent decades between the bushes of Congo and poor villages in India and experienced the revolutionary period in Algeria, all the time learning from local resourcefulness how to prepare a nourishing meal from next to nothing. This often in dire circumstances, without running water, electricity or a refrigerator in the kitchen, I was crippled at first. My life was very different from the one I had enjoyed in France. Yet, I discovered hidden advantages. Without a fridge, there was no way to keep leftovers for the next day. So, food was always fresh and made using local, seasonal, raw ingredients. There was no canned food, nor ready-meals or frozen section. In accordance with the seasons, food was sometimes scarce and at other times plentiful. We learned to take nothing for granted. The lessons I learned during those years are now part of my wealth and I’m eager to share them in this book.

I came to understand that counting calories is useless, as the body decides what will be used and what will be discarded during digestion. How few calories natural food contains compared to refined sugars and highly processes food. How important meals are for feeding the soul with happiness and reviving the senses with colourful, natural tastes. That food cooked with love leaves no room for guilty feelings. That each of us eat according to our individual constitution at that particular moment. I learnt from experience that the effects of healthy food take three months to manifest in the body. So, I also learnt patience. On the emotional level food provides peace and comfort. Excesses should be avoided, but we can indulge some wine or chocolate regularly without ill effect. Finally, there are benefits to sharing food; the feeling of love is the hidden bonus of a shared table.


A team of experts are involved in the development of the Your Body Type concept. This includes a medical team, food experts, coaches and highly qualified engineers that developed the patented device for Induced Meditation.  

Dr. Ilan Karavani

Rejuvenation and anti-ageing








Dr. Ilan Karavani was born on May 22, 1961. He studied at the University of Antwerp, and became a dermatologist specialising in Dermato-Surgery. In 1989, he studied Cosmetic sciences at the Free University of Brussels and following his promotion he became a founding member of the Belgian Association of Dermato-Cosmetic Sciences. In 1991, he founded his private practice which is largely surgical and cosmetic oriented. In 1992, he was elected Chairman of the Dutch Association of Dermato-surgery. He collaborated on the organisation of the World Congress of the International Society for Dermatologic Surgery ISDS in Amsterdam in 1997. Dr Karavani is co-author of the official Dutch textbook of cosmetic surgery (June 2000). He is a member of the editorial board of two dermatological journals. In 2007, he wrote about his philosophical worldviews in ‘The Miracle of energy, a spiritual story’.

His love of research began early. In 1985, he worked on the ‘Kentanserine project commissioned by Dr Paul Janssen of Janssen Pharmaceutica (now Johnson & Johnson), then in 1987, with research on ‘buflomedil’ for Abbott.

In 2000, shortly after the millennium congress of IMCAS Paris, he and his team started extensive research on aging and skin analysis. It so happened that his anti-aging clinic was in the same building as a nursery. For years, skin analysis of babies was compared with those of the elderly until the team finally discovered the algorithms of skin aging. Shortly afterwards, the secret language of the skin was unlocked and displayed in a code – the skin code. A new classification of skin types was born. In 2006, these findings were considered innovative and recognised with a patent. In 2007, the YourSkinType© software version of the measurement system for skin analysis was released. Since 2008, Dr Karavani has applied this technology and knowledge to advise aesthetic treatments according to people’s skin type. Dr Karavani is currently involved in the research and development of new techniques in skin care, both in terms of tailored active cosmetics, and in the field of high-tech treatments performed at his private clinic in Antwerp. In 2014, he inaugurated his new Training Centre for Skin Experts,, where hands on education is provided in all fields of skin care. His teaching and counselling within the clinic guarantee the highest quality of care.

In 2004, he began to study the benefits of natural medicine in his field and came to realise the essential role of neuropathy in the fight against ageing. His interest was sparked by seeing and feeling changes in his skin texture during a three-week course of Ayurvedic detox treatments. By applying Nature’s rules to improve his health, he learned that wealth follows too as both are subjected to the same principles of nature. For the last 14 years, he has gradually applied the principles of naturopathy at his clinic and obtained amazing results. This led, eventually, to the realisation of this book and the subsequent coaching program including the use of Induced Meditation.








Mrs. Isabelle Mercuri

Food therapist

Born in 1965 in Metz, France Mrs. Isabelle Mercuri has been a practicing life coach and food expert for the last 32 years. She collaborated with the Foundation of His Highness King Baudouin of Belgium, to conduct NGO projects in rural areas of India, empowering women to establish a small business and gain independence. With her skills and strategies, she reduced poverty and enhanced the lives of many individual women. Teaching them to rise above their limitations. They learned how to start a business, producing local and seasonal goods for resale. From farming programs to small workshops manufacturing clothes, these women were able, after a little training, to sell their products and feed their families independently. The aim of the 6-month self-empowerment program was to triple their original income, but most of them achieved a tenfold increase on their past wages.

She subsequently expanded her scope to include fundraising and management of orphanages in India. Huge institutions were taking care of these fragile children, giving them a future. Still now these orphans consider her as “their mom” when she visits them and their newly raised families.

Mrs. Mercuri is now conducting private sessions as a life coach, mainly in the field of food therapy. As a food expert, in the broadest sense of the word, she advises on how to restore a health with food and combat obesity, diabetes type 2 or other metabolic diseases. Mrs. Mercuri graduated from the University of Metz law school. She added two additional years of economic studies before starting her career. Immediately after her marriage she began travelling with her husband, a Civil engineer, specialised in automotive and aerospace engineering. After working for the United Nations programs of industrial development, she spent time in Africa, India and Europe, running programs for various NGO’s. Her love of cooking, food culture and her passion for ingredients are reflected in this book. Mrs. Isabelle Mercuri has an open and warm personality that will not leave you untouched. As a food therapist, she connects deeply with her client’s issues and transforms lives.

Her contribution to this book is substantial. It includes her scientific research, bringing this book to a new level in information, as well as her extensive knowledge and experience in matters of food and nutrition. Mrs Mercuri’s tools in food coaching are powerful, they are drawn from lifelong experience in some of the poorest regions on earth. Yet are applicable to some of her wealthiest clients too, as we all obey the universal laws of Nature which apply to all of us equally. During a normal working day, it is not unusual for her to see people of all walks of life struggling with similar misalignments between their lives and Nature’s laws. Mrs. Mercuri uses the techniques of Induced Meditation.

Dr. Salil & Dr. Neha








Dr. Salil Joglekar graduated from the Medical School, Pune University in 1997.  He completed his education with a Masters in psychotherapy and counselling from Institute of Behavioural sciences. Dr. Salil Joglekar was appointed Director and Program Coordinator at the International Academy of Ayurveda, Pune, 2003-2007. He is a Fellow of Vaidya Scientists fellowship program, Dept. of AYUSH, government of INDIA from 2011 to present day. Dr. Salil Joglekar is dedicated to teaching of Ayurveda worldwide and as such he earned his recognition in various countries around the globe. He is a Faculty Member in many countries outside India, including Italy, Austria, France, Israel, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany and the USA. He is a practicing doctor at his clinic in Pune and Director of PranaVeda Academy of Ayurveda and Yoga, Pune, India from 2007 till present. Dr Salil Joglekar masters several languages such as English, Marathi, Hindi, Sanskrit, German and French.

Dr Neha Joglekar is a trained Ayurveda Doctor running her practice in partnership with her husband, Dr Salil Joglekar, in her Pune based clinic. She developed programs enhancing women’s health such as the “Happy Baby” program, where young parents to be are guided towards a healthy conception and pregnancy.

Both doctors Joglekar were extremely helpful with professional guidance in the completion of this work.








Mr. Asheet Ambekar


Mr. Asheet Ambekar is a leading exponent of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and is regularly invited for lectures and discourses at renowned institutions in India and abroad. He has been a dedicated Yoga practitioner for many years and a teacher for more than fifteen years. He has developed a unique style of teaching based on the Yoga Sutras.

In Hatha Yoga he is primarily trained in the B. K. S. Iyengar style of Yoga but has integrated knowledge of Yoga from other schools as well. Mr. Ambekar is also a certified Counsellor and Psychotherapist, and has specialized training in Non-directive and Active-directive Therapies. He teaches Yoga and conducts workshops in the corporate world; at MNCs such as SIEMENS, CUMMINS, ABBOTT, etc. He is also a counsellor and visiting faculty at various NGOs and colleges conducting Counsellor and Mentor Training Programs.