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The book Your Body Type contains a comprehensive full coaching program supported by Nature’s laws, such as  the law of connection, resonance, transformation, polarity, etc., guiding you to the best version of you.

The influence of the mind on the body and vice versa is well documented. The management of these interactions will be part of our book as we discuss the function of body and mind and the tools to balance it all using new insights based on 10 rules of nature, associated with the technique of Induced Meditation.

If you are seeking results that are natural and sustainable, this “program” has three major original features that will guarantee your success.

Firstly, this program is individualised, designed to  unveil your specific qualities, not to mimic those of famous role models. Reaching greatness is not an external journey where you follow the “idealised lives” of others, but an internal transformation where you unveil the genius within. It is a fact that living the “original version of you”, liberated from fears, wrong mind-sets and external pressures, will lead to a far better life than the one projected by “success coaches”. This unique version of you does not need motivations, affirmations, or positive thinking tools. Nature is perfectly engineered, so you were already born with all the features Nature provides for a happy, healthy and wealthy life. This unique program releases this potential reflected by  your identity. That’s why this natural awareness program is not a group program, but individual “discovery” sessions.

Secondly, to reach the core of your being you need to search deep within your subconscious mind. This is not achieved by conscious techniques such as talking, dancing or listening to a lecture. Such dynamic coaching programs generate a group energy where at  moments you feel that you can tackle the world.  . The music, the screaming, the dancing will bring you to an “elevated” stage as your mind is influenced and you are connected to the group temporarily. That’s when you momentarily feel that you can make the difference. However, as little as days after the “magic” of the program is over, the reality hits you with the two major facts; you are alone again and the goal aimed for is not really yours. The improvement you sought was neither realistic nor sustainable. The “Your Body Type awareness program” uses Induced Meditation techniques to lead you to the core of your being, thereby generating a sensation of peace and well-being, as you encounter your true self, the person who is most familiar to you. That liberated self already has the potential to reach greatness, just like an apple pip has the potential to become a magnificent tree. Once planted in fertile ground it will grow roots, branches and leaves, and eventually bear fruit, effortlessly. 

Thirdly, as this awareness program follows the immutable rules of Nature, your destiny is secured by natures infinite intelligence. Just like all other living elements on earth, you’ll be guided by this higher intelligence within you to reach the happiness, health and wealth you’re entitled to for being part of Nature. From conception on, you possess the tools to grow and prosper, provided that you have the freedom to live naturally. Problems arise if your mind is cluttered, directing you towards a life you’re not adapted to. Life is an internal experience where happiness, health, personal growth and expression are the only rewards. Each of us can experience that feeling by remaining on our own path. Comparison with others is as foolish as can possibly be, as we will never be happy leading someone else’s life equipped with our individual set of tools. “Hell is other people” is a relevant quote from Jean-Paul Sartre, the French philosopher, pointing out to the suffering generated by silly comparison and competition. In nature, the only valid reference is yourself!

“Become what you think” is dangerous, as the mind can mislead you. Silence the mind and free yourself to “become who you are”.

Dr. Ilan Karavani


The “Your Body Type awareness program” differs substantially from all current methods of coaching in several distinct features, resulting in a 100 % success rate when performed properly.

Classical « succes » coaching

The goal is decided by the mind and endorsed by the coach, and thus often not in alignment of who we are. The coaching is directed towards reaching the goal at whatever cost, often disrespecting our true identity.

The road to the goal is an unnatural one, inducing fear and generating a terror barrier. It results in low success rates and conditions that are not lasting. The mind persists in the goal it has fixed. Real panic attacks can occur when the soul is aware of the wrong direction we took.

The power to persist is coming from the motivational power of the coach. This creates an undesired dependency on the coach.

The body type is not taken in account. The goal and the road might not be in tune with our energetic balance. This results inevitably in failure to lead a healthy and happy life.

Awareness program

The goal is defined by the soul’s purpose and accessed through Induced Meditation, and thus in alignment with who we are. The coaching is designed to master the traffic rules on our way to our destination.

The road to the goal is following Nature’s laws, guiding us like a GPS, respecting all traffic laws. Therefore, the road is a gradual and pleasant journey, full of insights on who we are. During the course the goal can still be adjusted, till it’s fully aligned with our soul’s purpose.

The power to persist is coming from within, as soon as the connection with the Soul’s purpose is made. The client is prepared for an independent life.

The body type is evaluated and balanced at each time during the journey. In balance, the body – mind – soul connection can thrive. This results in lasting health and happiness.

The Awareness Program is preparing people to “drive” independently towards their personal goals defined by their Soul’s purpose, while considering the limits of their innate “vehicle” which is their body type and the alignment with their string of qualities.