the communicative energy dominates

The excess of Communicative energy can lead to restlessness and exhaustion. The following recommendations will bring more balance in your body type and strengthen your resistance.

What does this mean?

In naturopathy, three types of energy manage our system on every level, from the cell to the whole body: the transformative energy, the stabilising energy and the communicative energy. A well balanced mixture of these three energies at the level of our entire body determines our body type. At birth, the body has a well-defined combination of these 3 basic colours can generate any colour. A body in balance has an almost proportional amount of each energy form. Disruptions due to a predominance of one or two of these energies canbe corrected with natural nutritional supplements, diet and lifestyle.

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The way we lead our life has an impact on our three energies.  Our job, occupation, sports, climate and seasons, housing, social life and even partnership can balance our energies or disrupt them. All of it is described extensively in our book Your Body Type. A few recommendations are stated in sports.

Adopt a quiet lifestyle, free of fears and worries. Enjoy relaxing oil massages. A lot of contact with the earth will pacify your energy, including meditation and slow and deep breathing. Look for a warm climate.

In the addendum below you will find three charts, one for each type of energy. They describe how food will affect that type of energy. Choose the food you like in accordance with your body type. Reduce the energies that are overly represented and enhance the ones that are suppressed.

In the first week of your diet you may feel tired or moody. After impurities and wastes are eliminated from your system the positive effects kick in. By the end of the second week the impact is felt as increased energy, clarity and well-being. Balance your energy type with the proposed tips and food.


Taste is a strong indicator and will dominate when it comes to balancing our energies. Our taste buds guide us to the right tastes in food that will enhance the digestion. Tastes should be considered as powerful software codes containing necessary information, just like the food itself is.

Six tastes have been described, each with a specific action on the three energy types of our bodily constitution; sweet, sour, salty, pungent (spicy), bitter and astringent. Your recommendations for tastes are:

Sweet, sour and salty (see the taste chart).

In the addendum below you will learn more about the action of tastes.

With a variable appetite, several small hot meals are recommended. Food, mainly liquid, rich in proteins and with a teaspoon of sesame oil, olive oil or ghee is advisable. As your digestion starts in the morning, do not skip your breakfast.

Food should contain everything we need. So why do we need supplements? There are two major reasons to add supplements to your food. The first is to add nutrients that your food might lack if you need high dosages of a particular nutrient, for instance vitamin H if you don’t eat a lot of eggs. In this way we can add vitamins, minerals and oligo-elements when needed.

The second are herbs that possess the power to interact with your body type in a natural way to restore balance, because they possess the corresponding energy type in a sufficient intensity. Sweet herbs will increase the Stabilising energy, while some bitter or spicy herbs will reduce it. Once the energy is rebalanced you can continue to eat a healthy balanced diet and lead a lifestyle that fits your body type.

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ENERGY 2 x 1 per day, to be taken at your convenience. Re-evaluate with a new Body Type test after completing one course.


1  I  FOOD

Three suggestions of food, in two columns, are proposed in the following charts to regulate each energy type. Consuming foods mentioned in the left column reduces the corresponding energy type. Foods in the right column have the opposite effect, they increase the corresponding energy type. Adjust your diet according to your energy distribution. Lower the over-active energy types by eating more of the left column and less of the right column. Increase the weak energy types by eating more of the right column and less of the left column.

Communicative energy

Stabilising energy

Transformative energy



Timing and quantities for each body type are very important as the capacity of our body type to digest food changes throughout the day. This chart must be adapted to winter and summer timings, as well as to North and South locations. In the summer, there is hardly any night in the North of the globe, while in the winter there is hardly any day. So, small adjustments need to be made according to the daily occupation, the geography and the season

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